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The Best Selling Covid-19 Christmas Ornaments

                    What started off as a joke has certainly taken off. Through 12/18/20, I have sold 1,774 ornaments.  Even more promising is that 34 different styles of my ornaments have been sold.  All of my ornaments now come in Red, Green and the original white.  Here are the 34 styles that have sold along with the 4 styles that I am most surprised have not sold. If you can't find the color that you are looking for by clicking on each individual ornament, please click on my collection link at the bottom of the post and you will be taken to page that has every single one of my ornaments.       And here are the four styles that I am most surprised have not been discovered and been sold. But what do I know?  At the end of the post you can click on the link to see my entire collection.         My Entire Covid-19 Christmas Ornaments Collection by inappropriatebab

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