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The Funniest Ornaments for 2021

  The 2021 Covid-19 Christmas Ornament Collection is Here. Just Click on the Picture above or below. Here are the Funniest Ornaments for 2021   2021 Covid-19 Christmas Ornaments by inappropriatebaby

The Top Ten Christmas Ornaments for 2021

Here are the Top 10 Christmas Ornaments for 2021. These are truly perfect for 2021!
Jingle Bells, Covid Still Smells Ceramic Ornament
2021 Seriously Who did we piss off?  Ceramic Ornament
Clearly we were all on the Naughty List for 2020 C Ceramic Ornament
2021 This Year Stinks Too Ceramic Ornament
Some Jerk ate a  Bat Ceramic Ornament
Karen was actually justified when complaining cera ceramic ornament
2021 Does not Deserve its own Christmas Ornament
Wearing Pajamas to Work is Delightful Ceramic Orna Ceramic Ornament
Let's Wipe Out 2021 Ceramic Ornament
Jingle Bells, Covid-19 Smells Christmas Ceramic Or Ceramic Ornament

And here is a link to the entire collection: